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Transparent Screen App Free Icon

Transparent Screen App Free Icon

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You want to use your phone while you’re walking? Make your screen transparent!

Transparent Screen gives you the opportunity to use your phone as usual, while being able to see the live image of your camera transparently on the entire screen.
You’ll be able to walk and text at the same time and actually use any App you desire, while Transparent Screen is running.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is the App requesting the permission „DISPLAY SYSTEM-LEVEL ALERTS“?

This permission allows me to show the image of the camera, while you’re able to use the phone as usual.

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Why is the permission „INTERNET“ necessary?

To display ads, it’s needed to request those permissions. If you don’t like to have ads or this kind of permission requests, you can purchase the PRO version.

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Does it effect the battery draining?

Yes, it needs some more resources. But I’m trying to keep it as low as I’m able to.

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Why is it a bit laggy?

I’m not able to prevent that! It’s due to the use of transparency. But it is stable enough on most phones and lowest resolution, to do what it’s intended to do.

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Does my phone need to be rooted?